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Alyshia M. Dyer, LLMSW/MPP
Democratic Candidate for Washtenaw County Sheriff

(she, her, hers)
Democratic Candidate for Washtenaw County Sheriff

This race is critical to public safety, and we need a sheriff who has the experience working the frontlines and knows how to implement meaningful reform to reduce harm and increase safety in our community.

  • Alyshia is the only candidate who has done the work of responding to and investigating calls for service while working as a road patrol deputy in Washtenaw County at the Sheriff's Office (Deputy Sheriff - 10 years). 

  • Alyshia is the only candidate that is a licensed, practicing social worker and has an additional advanced degree in Public Policy (LLMSW and MPP from the University of Michigan).

  • Alyshia has advocated for police accountability, immigrant protections, and ending juvenile life sentences without parole. 

  • Locally Alyshia:

  • Co-founded and led a local community organization (Ypsi N.I.C.E) to include people in the decision-making process regarding rescue plan funding allocations

  • Worked with Dawn Farms, the Washtenaw County Jail, and National Science Foundation on removing barriers to help people in recovery have access to housing

  • Served as an executive board member for the Washtenaw Regional Organizing Coalition (WeROC), a community and union organizing coalition

  • Serves on the Washtenaw County Prosecutor's Office Juvenile Justice team and the Washtenaw County Community Mental Health's BLM task force

  • Is an active member of the Law Enforcement Action Partnership

  • Is a board member of the YMCA


  • Nationally Alyshia has worked on policy with the Law Enforcement Action Partnership pertaining to immigrant rights, decriminalizing cannabis, and cash bail reform. She is also a former member of the National Association of Women Law Enforcement Executives (NAWLEE). 

  • Alyshia is running for Sheriff to protect our community, our children, and our workers. Her community-driven people-powered campaign will create a Sheriff’s Office that is accountable, transparent, and about real change.

  • She received numerous awards from Sheriff Clayton for exceptional responses to critical situations, community engagement, and life-saving actions.

  • Recognition was given to her for advocacy work as an "Anti-Racist Advocate" from the Interfaith Council of Peace and Justice and was a Bohnett Public Service Fellow at the Gerald R. Ford School of Public Policy.

  • Support Alyshia Dyer for a safer, more equitable Washtenaw County. Let's make positive change happen.


Former Sheriff’s Deputy and Social Worker Launches 2024 Campaign for Washtenaw County Sheriff

"...Duckworth solidified her support for Dyer, saying, 'We need people who aren’t just community-minded, but community driven.'"

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"On the heels of Washtenaw County Sheriff Jerry Clayton announcing he will not run for re-election, a former police officer has thrown her hat in the ring...."

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"Alyshia Dyer has been fighting for changes in our juvenile justice system, and is in support of ending life sentences for children."

Former Deputy Sheriff Launches Campaign for Washtenaw County Sheriff

"In her campaign, Dyer will be emphasizing community policing and transparency as well as re-evaluating jail contracts and mental health services for officers."

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"We are writing to you as police, sheriffs, prosecutors, and other criminal justice professionals. In the interest of public safety, law enforcement needs the trust of the communities..."

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"Public Policy graduate student Alyshia Dyer is a former law enforcement officer for the Washtenaw County Sheriff’s Office and a member of SSDP..."

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