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Titles and organizational affiliations are for identification purposes only.


"We are endorsing one incredible progressive candidate from the Great Lakes State: Run for Something is proud to endorse Alyshia Dyer for Washtenaw County Sheriff. Through her candidacy, she strives to address the underlying causes of injustice, advocating for policies that prioritize the well-being and dignity of all individuals."

"Alyshia is a true progressive with the background and frontline experience in both policing and social work that we need to achieve meaningful criminal justice system reform."


"[Alyshia Dyer] centers people directly impacted in her work, and has a history of fighting for harm reduction in our legal system. Her first-hand experience as a Deputy Sheriff, combined with her social work background will be invaluable for the critical decisions our next sheriff will have to make."

HVALF banner endorsement.jpg

Rep. Andy Levin

Former U.S. Congressman — Michigan's 9th District

Bob King

Former International President - UAW

"Alyshia is the only candidate that has actually worked as a patrol officer at the Washtenaw County Sheriff's office, and has stood side by side with union and community activists for years. She has what it takes to implement meaningful reform, and root out any corruption. Women leaders in law enforcement reduce brutality and offer more compassion. I am behind Alyshia 100 percent."

Dylan Wegela

State Representative — MI-26

Diane Goldstein

Retired Lieutenant,
National Drug Policy Expert

"Alyshia has been a great advocate nationally on drug policy reform and has the experience necessary to lead. Her ten years experience combined with her work in policy and social work are excellent combinations for our next Sheriff."

Sam Riddle

J.D. (UM), Political Director, Michigan National Action Network

"Alyshia Dyer will make Washtenaw County safer while protecting people and the U.S. Constitution."

Desiraé Simmons

Ypsilanti City Council — Ward Three

Me'Chelle King

Ypsilanti City Council — Ward One

Reverend Manish Mishra-Marzetti


"In an era of re-imagining local law enforcement - prioritizing preventative community care and relationship over punitive incarceration - Washtenaw County needs a Sheriff whose progressive values are fully in alignment with the people of our county. Alyshia Dyer is that candidate. Vote Dyer and help make sure that the majority of Washtenaw County's funding, which goes to the Sheriff's Office, reflects your progressive, community-oriented values."

Laura Sanders

Dexter Township Trustee, Therapist, and Immigrant Rights Advocate

Jason Moore

Trustee, Lincoln Consolidated Schools Board of Education

Dave DeVarti

Washtenaw Community College Trustee

Adam Cecil

National Assoc. of Social Workers - MI Region 10 Board Representative

Eric Roberts

Candidate for Lodi Township Clerk

"Alyshia is the only candidate that will end Reid training i.e. lying to coerce false confessions. I fully support her transformative vision for criminal justice reform."

Jacinda Townsend Gides

Former Ann Arbor School Board President

Zackariah Farah

Ann Arbor Renters Commission Chair

Renee Curtis

Fmr. President - MI Nurses Association/UM Professional Nurse Council

Kathy Griswold

Former Ann Arbor City Council Member, Social Worker

Nick Roumel

Civil Rights Attorney

Jack Wagner

President, Michigan Justice Advocacy

Christina Lirones

Former Pittsfield Township Clerk and Treasurer

Yodit Mesfin Johnson

Founder — YMJ & Associates

Alex Thomas

Ypsilanti Twp. Advocate, Chair of Ypsi NICE

Sue Hadden

Ann Arbor InDivisible for Democracy Co-Leader, Precinct Delegate, Retired RN

“Alyshia is the only candidate who has the critical combination of experience as a Deputy Sheriff on road patrol and is a licensed social worker with a Masters in public policy. Alyshia's experience will bring transparency and accountability citizens deserve.“

Gwenyth Hayes, LMSW

Local Musician, Social Worker

Sheriff Susan Hutson

First African-American Female Sheriff in Louisiana, National Oversight Expert

Hedieh Briggs

Community Activist

Stacey Doyle, LMSW

Social Worker

Ashley Shukait

Harm Reductionist, Public Health Professional

"Alyshia is the only cop I trust."

Tad Wysor

Local Community Organizer and Union Leader

Charles Degryse

Huron River Watershed Council Board Member

Leaha Skylar Dotson

Environmental and Community Activist

Leah Mills-Chapman

Mental Health Professional, LMSW

“After working with Alyshia Dyer on cases where humanity needed to be seen and honored, I wholeheartedly know that she is not pretending to care about people…elevating a person-first approach is an integral part of her character. And once elected for WC Sheriff, I believe she will integrate that into the fibers of the office”.

Jason Towler

Board Chair — Washtenaw Co. Community Action, American Fed. of Teachers Organizer

Jeremy Lapham

Nurse Practitioner

Ken Scott

Director of Public Safety/Chief of Police, Law Enforcement National Leader

Will Garcia

Fmr. AFSCME 2733 Unit A Chair, Fmr. Huron Valley DSA Co-Chair

Sonya Alvarado

American Fed. of Teachers (AFT/AFL-CIO) MI Field Representative

Floki Ivey

Teacher and Community Leader

Christina Montague

First African-American Chair of Washtenaw Co. Board of Commissioners, Business Leader

Elisa Guyton

Friends in Deed, Dir. of Development and Communications

Mark Hergott

Community Leader

“Alyshia Dyer is the real deal.”

Emy Deshotel

Mental Health Advocate

Ronnell Johnson

Washtenaw County Exoneree and Community Leader

"Alyshia Dyer stands with people harmed by the legal system and also cares about our officers well-being and knows what it is like to be a first responder. Alyshia is rooted in the community and I am honored to endorse her to be our next Sheriff.”

Lauren Sargent

Community Organizer, Retired Psychologist

Maia Hudson

Community Leader

"She’s been on the street working with all of the community and has always been there to protect it and to right the wrongs. Her experience and integrity will ensure we have a Sheriff’s Office that we can trust.”

Jamie Lowell

Cannabis Activist and Business Leader

Yuli Wu

Educator and Mental Health Advocate

“Washtenaw County needs Dyer for her passion and love of this county along with her experience as a therapist and road patrol deputy.”

Jeremiah Richardson

Former Deputy, Washtenaw County Sheriff's Office

Dan Ezekiel

Washtenaw County Parks and Recreation Commissioner

Marvin Cotton Jr.

Exoneree, CEO, Better Not Broken LLC

Darwin Griffin

Community Leader and Radio Show Host

Feliziana Meyer

Former Pittsfield Twp. Clerk

Ken Nixon

Exoneree, CEO, & Justice Activist

Arthur Thomas

Community Activist

"The Washtenaw Sheriff's office has been around for decades; it's past time we had a female Sheriff."

Kenyatta Rashon

Ypsilanti High Alumnus & R&B Artist

Ed Steinman

Volunteer Tutor — Washtenaw County Jail

"What sets Alyshia apart is her ten years of police and investigative experience. We need a Sheriff who has actually done the job. She has experience leading community organizations and has two advanced degrees from UM in policy and social work as well as a leadership certificate from the Ross School of Business. Her insight will lead to increased safety and improved restorative justice.”

Angela Amison

Legal Doula & Advocate

"My only choice for Sheriff is Alyshia Dyer. She will put people first. As an officer her record speaks for itself."

Reverend Joe Summers


Sharon Saydak

Retired Deputy, Washtenaw County Sheriff's Office

Darin Taylor

Law Enforcement Professional

Lieutenant Carl Tennenbaum

Retired Lieutenant

David S. Malcolm

Residential Real Estate Consultant

Leslie McGraw

Les GO Social Media Marketing & Training

Vivienne Armentrout

Former Washtenaw County Commissioner

Matt Dargay

Former President of Students for Sensible Drug Policy

Dr. Susan Ciotti

Pharmacetical Executive, Adjunct Professor, University of Michigan

Bonnie E. Zabel

Small Business Owner

Sharif Krabti

Social Worker

Anne Bannister

Former Ann Arbor City Councilmember

Bill Vanderwill

University of Michigan, School of Social Work Lecturer

Heather Martin

Artist & Community Leader

Petals Sandcastle

Artist, Producer

Ginger Chase

Ann Arbor Townie, Community Artist

Cheyenne Turner

Mental Health Professional, Director of Behavior Health Services

Brittney Barros

LLMSW, Macro Social Worker, Child Welfare advocate

Cynthia Bodewes

Community Organizer

Charmie Gholson

Founder of Michigan Moms United

Pastor Anna Taylor-McCants

Pastor and Community Leader

Tania Frazier

Community Supporter

Brent Bergeron

Community Leader

Demarco Johnson


Tyisha Thompson

Youth Activist

Machelle Pearson

Grassroot Organizer & Public Speaker

Evan Oswald

Community Supporter

La'Resha Thornton

Community Activist

Tashawna Gill

Community Leader

Guy Conti

Community Leader

John Hollingsworth

Veteran Activist

Adam Kasha

Business Leader

Lauren Fardig-Diop

Restorative Coach, Ypsilanti Community Schools

Stacey Doyle

Clinical School Social Worker

Shawanna Vaughn

CEO, Silent Cry Inc.

Shirley Beckley

African American Historian & Activist

Audrey Anderson

Community Activist

Shanna Smith-Evans

Community Leader

Christian Alvarado

Young Democrats of Michigan
Vice Chair

Pastor Powell

Executive Director, Community Family Life Center

John R. Rapp

Former Marine Deputy, Retired Reserve Deputy Sheriff

Lady P (Geraldine Powell)

Program Director, Community Family Life Center

Jen Haines

Community Activist

Chokwe Pitchford

Legal Reform Advocate

Gina VanDuinen

Social Worker

Krista Norberg

Health Advocate

Donald Harrison


Dan McQueer

Farmland Preservation Chair and Retired Deputy

Valerie Kelley-Bonner

Podcaster & Activist

Veronica Hargenrader

Healthcare Professional

Tamarus Darby Jr.

76th American Legion Boys Nation President

Mike Henry

Investigator & Business Owner

Felecia Tyson-Waters

Community Leader

Tru Klassic

Local Producer & Artist

Rodolfo Alvarado

The Anthony Acevedo Foundation

Mateo Hayes

Community Activist

Milan Ariel Atkins

Techno Princess & Musician

Margaret Schankler

Community Member

Vee Venson

Dahlia Dollz Detroit M/C

Jesse Spencer

Peer Support, Harm Reductionist

Khadijah Lewis

Community Leader

SwagRight Toni

Musical Artist & Entrepreneur

Chris Canus

Chris Canus Band

The views expressed by individuals endorsing the Alyshia Dyer campaign do not reflect the views of any organization. Titles and organizational affiliations are for identification purposes only.


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