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The Friends of Alyshia Dyer are proud to announce the many community leaders and organizations who are endorsing Alyshia for Washtenaw County Sheriff. 

Alyshia's campaign is community-driven and people-powered. We are proud union members, social workers, organizers, activists, exonerees, and law enforcement professionals.

We are proud of our broad coalition and invite you to join us.


Sheriff Susan Hutson
The first Black woman elected to Sheriff in Louisiana


Andrea Urda-Thompson
Pittsfield Township Trustee

Bob King Former International President of the UAW.webp

Bob King
Former international president of the UAW

Rev Joe Summers.jpg

Rev Joe Summers
Reverend and community activist for peace and justice.

Arthur Thomas .jpeg

Arthur Thomas
Justice activist and “The guy that is gonna get Alyshia Dyer elected as Sheriff”

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