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Alyshia Dyer is running to create a Washtenaw County Sheriff's Office that protects our whole community.

Welcome to the team! Thank you so much for joining.



Meet Alyshia

“I’m running for Sheriff because we deserve a Sheriff's Office that is focused on accountability, transparency, and true systemic change.”

Alyshia Dyer is:

A former Washtenaw County Deputy Sheriff with nearly a decade of experience in road and marine patrol.
A licensed, practicing clinical social worker and mental health professional.
A community organizer with a proven track record of standing up for criminal justice reform and social, racial, gender, LGBTQ+, and labor justice.

Chip In

Alyshia's campaign is people-powered; she doesn't take a dime of corporate PAC money.

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Alyshia Dyer is a proven advocate for the bold, progressive solutions that will make our community a better place. Alyshia doesn't play political games — she stands up for what's right.

Alyshia supports:

Changing the policies and practices that contribute to race, class, and gender disparities in Washtenaw County's policing system. 
Protecting our environment by enforcing environmental laws and holding corporations accountable.
Creating an accountable and transparent Washtenaw County Sheriff's Office.

Improving the mental health, wellness, and working conditions of Sheriff's Office employees



Join the Team

Our grassroots campaign is powered by our community. Our dedicated team of supporters spreads the word about our progressive campaign and mobilizes our community to be ready to vote.

We need you. Volunteering is for people of all ages, abilities, and levels of political experience.

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